The spirit of tradition

« Preserving our vineyard, the biodiversity, the environment is a basis for Taillefer. Traditional methods are favored with a mechanical tilling of the soils and manual tending to the vines. For each vintage, each plant is trained and cared for by man during some fifty successive field operations.


Not one of the vintages resembles another, this requires a permanent evaluation of our methods and a strong presence in the vineyard. All field operations are evaluated, adjusted according to the particular climate of the vintage, the growth of each plant and adapted to the vigor of each plant.


In the cellar, it is with precise and well thought-out actions that allow us to skillfully craft Chateau Taillefer, a wine with great ageing potential, elegant and well-structured. And to perfect its personality, we age the wine for twelve months in French oak barriques that have been chosen for their fine-grained wood and the aromatic harmony obtained. »


Claire Moueix