Cases in limited edition from the work “Tomorrow, the dragonflies” by Sylvie Basteau



It all begins by an idea..

With my husband, Cyril Basteau, I took over the management of Château Taillefer in 2013, which has been in my family for almost a century.

After 5 years applying our know-how to the winery and the vineyard, we wanted to bring a new dimension to this great growth of Pomerol.

Lovers of Art and Wine, we wanted to bring these two passions together, and all the more so because the architecture of the place lends itself fully to artistic encounters.

And it was a beautiful adventure ...

Several evidences imposed  themselves on us: the contemporary art, the universe of the painter Sylvie Basteau, the maestria of the gallerist Anne-Marie Marquette.

And it is with emotion that we saw the soul of Château Taillefer reveals itself. By the vibration of the works, by their dialogue with the place, by the harmony that emerges from it.

From this beautiful human adventure, was born the exhibition "Improvisations" by Sylvie Basteau, organized by the Anne-Marie Marquette Gallery, le Troisième Oeil.

To inscribe this renewal in the history of the properties, we created these limited edition cases from the work "Tomorrow, the dragonflies" exposed in the tasting room.


Claire Moueix